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CWB – Welder Qualification Testing (SMAW & FCAW)

September 16 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm



  • Prior to welding, all test plates shall be verified for proper dimensions and shall be in accordance with CSA Welding Standard W47.1.
  • All test plates will be number stamped by the examiner or CWB representative prior to welding.
  • Only certified consumables (wire/electrodes) under CSA standard W48 shall be used. For SMAW: low hydrogen electrodes are to be used, and stored or held at a temperature of 120C/250F minimum.
  • Each test plate must be completed within 45 minutes. No preheating of the test plates is allowed.
  • Once the test has begun, the unauthorized use of a grinder may result in the disqualification of the test. Use of wire wheel, wire brush, and chipping hammer is permitted.
  • All tests must incorporate two stop/restarts in the root passes (with the exception of the horizontal position which only has one on the 30° bevel side).
  • All stop/restarts will be indicated on the test plate by an arrow mark and must be verified by the CWB representative.
  • The first pass must be made on the 90° (fillet) side of the joint and weld size shall not be larger than 8mm (5/16”). With the exception of the horizontal position, the length of the first pass shall only be 115mm (4.5”) and will stop at the mark noted on the test plate. The second weld pass shall be on the 30° (or bevel) side and shall stop on the arrow mark noted. NOTE: All restarts will initiate on the tapered crater (termination of weld) and continue outward.
  • Completed tests shall be welded at least flush to plate thickness and cover passes (cap) height shall not exceed 3mm (1/8”). Maximum undercut depth allowed is 1mm (1/32”).
  • The completed weld test (before grinding operations) must be inspected by the CWB representative for final visual acceptance. (Refer to Test Plate –
  • Visual Acceptance Criteria for details).
  • Once visually accepted, the weld cap and backing bar are to be removed and ground flush. The test plate shall be verified by the CWB representative to ensure that over-grinding has not occurred (maximum 5% of plate thickness).
  • Disqualification of the specimen will occur if imperfection or discontinuities are removed by grinding or welding following final visual inspection.
  • Once preparation (grinding operations) of the test plate is verified acceptable, the test assemblies are to be cut into three specimens as per “Test Plate
  • Dimension and Root Pass Sequence” diagram. Edges of the specimen can be ground to a radius of 3mm (1/8”).
  • Once the test specimens have reached ambient temperature; root bends will occur on specimens #1, #3, and a face bend on specimen #2 for a full 180° over a 38mm (1.5”) mandrel.
  • Bend specimens will be examined by the CWB representative and evaluated in accordance with CSA Welding Standard W47.1 (Refer to Test Plate – Visual Acceptance Criteria for details).


September 16
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


IronWorkers 725
(403) 291-1300
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