725 members – as we head towards a federal election the 725 Political Action Committee would like to create a culture of open-mindedness when talking about politics; focus on issues more so than the parties themselves or specific candidates. Research each issue and find out where each party stands on it. We do not intend on pushing an agenda onto you, the member. We strongly recommend doing research outside of social media and making an informed and educated decision which works best for you and your family.

Local radio station X 92.9 has a great website to help with any questions you may have concerning registration to vote, how to vote and all the latest posts from the parties. See the link below.

The best platform guide that I have found is MacLean’s.ca – see link below

If anybody would like to contact me and discuss the upcoming federal election we can do so with a private discussion. If you know of an additional page for information on the various party’s platforms please share in the comments.

Please refrain from commenting on this post any harsh political posts or support for one party or another. We encourage research and discussion from hopefully non-bias sources – which at times seems impossible, I know.

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