Well 2020-2021 are at it again. The continuing pandemic has forced Alberta to implement new stricter restrictions on us Albertans. For the time being the hall will have to go back to our hybrid operating system. Union officers will be available via phone, email or in person by appointment only. Jay and Oakley will gladly meet a member at the hall to take care of any business that requires an in person meeting. We are, however, all encouraged to take care of as much business as possible without meeting in person.

Training will continue. Kris and the apprenticeship staff will be working hard to accommodate any and all training needs.

All training/apprenticeship inquiries please call:
(403) 250-2233

This post is for member information. Any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate staff directly.

725 office – (403) 291-1300 (all phone lines are forwarded on to the proper mobile phone)

Hang in there Sisters and Brothers


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